Saudi Arabia of climate and weather

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Saudi Arabia of climate and weather Geographic Information: Middle East Disease you want to put the climate and the gas Spread from tropical desert to the mountains, different climate from region to region. In characteristically is dry basically hot, summer but there are also areas where the highest temperature is greater than 0 degrees, winter is also the region seen the snow fall to below freezing. The Persian Gulf and the Red Sea coastal areas, mostly in the hot and humid throughout the year, but there is no difference of temperature, inland, in the dry continental desert climate, is a large difference of heat and cold. Has occurred through the strong seasonal winds (sandstorm) per year, part of the particular month in the region, the moon badly, visibility will be poor. Although tap water that the sea water was fresh water treatment in many countries have been supplied, there are also areas where water supply in the capital has not been established, there is also the case even if each other is in place there is a problem with the supply pipe and the water storage tank .

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